My aim is to distill a decade’s worth of experience providing strategic advice for MNCs and SMEs around the globe into relevant, bite-sized chunks for anyone who’s ever faced a complex problem.

My academic background in and lifelong affinity for the humanities have given me sympathetic insight into the human condition, and I am driven by a deep desire to help people achieve their full potential, whilst acknowledging in myself the need for constant growth and improvement. I hope you’ll join me in this journey.

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I’m determined to keep this channel free of charge. Capitalistic culture has set a premium on learning, but in an ideal world it should be free of charge to eager, humble minds. The way I see it, my readers help me grow as much as I hope I help them grow. If you think my experience and advice is worth a paid gig, see the Consulting section below.


If you think my approach and experience might benefit you or your organisation, please connect with me on LinkedIn for an initial (gratis) consultation.

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I've always been fascinated by contrapuntal music, in which two or more different tunes are sounded at the same time. As in music, life – could two or more different ideas be sounded out harmoniously?


Jules Yim | 芊文

Close to a decade and a half’s worth of experience providing strategic advice for MNCs and SMEs, distilled into relevant, digestible bites – a suitable metaphor for a Singaporean foodie